…which means the whole village will get involved for the annual ‘vendange’. Where the grapes are harvested and everyone will sit down together for a well earned lunch.

Our grapes are a mixture of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and this year we have attained Bio status. That is to say fully organic from cultivation to production. More labour intensive but increased flavour and quality of wine.

Guaranteed full Bio status, we are now using a producer in Bordeaux (about an hour and a half away). They are fully organic and are very experienced in high quality wine production.

Our wine making is just a hobby, but we are passionate and proud of what we have achieved. In the process strengthens our relationships with our neighbours in the village. They are happy to part with their experience and wonderful advice gained over years of wine making.

Lauzel is the perfect French House experience complete with it’s own delicious wine.